HACONTEX AG was founded by our chairman of the board of directors Hans-Peter Keller.


we began our working relationship with a well-known Swiss/Italian Textile Group, Niggeler&Küpfer S.p.A.
Shortly thereafter we took over completely the Sales and Marketing for Niggeler&Küpfer S.p.A. for a large part of Europe, especially Northern Europe. 


we expanded our trading facilities and formed a subsidiary, KETREX AG.


we acquired the general representation for a company specialising in Elastic Yarns, Bulgari Filati, now incorporated in Aquafil.


the Sales and trade subsidiary company for Fabrics NKS Marketing AG was founded.


together with Niggeler&Küpfer S.p.A. we took over the Linthal Spinning facility from Spinnerei Kunz AG, a former Oerlikon Bührle company.


together with Otex AG we took over the remaining facilities of Spinnerei Kunz AG in Windisch and Dietfurt.


Windisch and Dietfurt units were sold and relocated to Thailand.


a huge re-utilization of the former Windisch Industrial complex is in process. Its main activities encompass Real Estate and Construction Management.


NKS Marketing starts ETG and opens for its relocation activities an office in Taschkent/Uzbekistan.


the 10'000m2 Recruitment Center built into a former Spinning-Plant was handed to the Swiss Armed Forces – www.kunzareal.ch.


Niggeler & Küpfer ends their financial partnership with Hacontex and Swiss Spinning Plant Linthal.


Reduced capacity of Production Unit Linthal to Open-End.


170 years after the first yarn production, the Spinning Mill Linthal AG had to be completely closed.


Relocation of the entire Spinning Plant to Brazil with mechanical support of former employees.


In the industrial complex of Spinnerei Linthal AG an ambitious New Energy Project, Solar Plant Swiss AG was launched together with various other partners.


NKS office in Usbekistan closes!


Together with OTEX AG we took over the 1799 founded and totally renewed Spinning Plant C.B. Göldner GmbH + Co. KG in Werdau, near Leipzig, Germany.


Spinnerei Linthal AG in agreement with Niggeler & Küpfer established a Logistic Centre in Linthal for yarn supply for Central Europe.


The Renewable Energy Project, Solar Plant Swiss, was abandoned.


The establishment of Linth Solar AG based in Linthal. A modest new project to promote the development of Renewable Energy.


C.B. Göldner GmbH & Co KG discontinued its yarn production. The Yarn trade will continue


The entire Real Estate complex in Windisch was sold to HIAG AG


Three (3) Hydroelectric Power Plant projects were launched in Linthal/GL


Merger of Glarotel AG with Hacontex AG


The construction of a new and updated Hydroelectric Power Plant, Brummbach, (installed capacity 2,4 MW)


Commencement of construction of a Health Centre in the Spinnerei Areal Linthal, Glarus Süd, to be completed in June 2012


March “Neues Linthwerk” Hydroelectric Power Plant, construction completed and in production. Installed capacity 1,8 MW.


The “Belle Epoque” Hotel Waldhaus in Braunwald (Canton Glarus) was demolished and replaced by two modern apartment buildings. These 32 unit buildings were constructed primarily with 100% wood.


Under the leadership of Wüst & Partner Zürich, the future structured Multi-Generation housing project “Vitao, located in the Linthpark Glarus Süd, achieved its first significant Milestone.


In addition to the already established Health Centre, the new Prevention Centre has opened its doors at the Linthpark Glarus Süd location in Linthal.


The construction of the new Hydroelectric Power Plant "Cotlan" with an installed capacity of 2.5 MW in joint-venture with Alpiq-Eco-Power has started.


An 8-family House close to the Bahnhof Linthal will be built.


September: The small and totally new built hydroelectric plant “Tschudiberg” in Braunwald was linked to the grid


June: The new hydroelectric plant “Cotlan” was linked to the grid and inaugurated

December: All 32 apartments in the Waldhaus and the 4 Chalet apartments in Braunwald where sold

December: The new multi-family house with 8 apartments in Linthal next to the train station was completed and fully rented


January: 100% of the Waldhaus Braunwald AG and Spinnerei Linthal AG is owned by the Hacontex (Group) AG

March: Five exclusive apartments were reconstructed in the centre of Glarus


January: Hacontex (Group) AG with Kraftwerke Linthal AG (former Spinnerei Linthal AG) Immobilien Linthal AG (former Waldhaus Braunwald AG) Wohnpark Linthal AG and Service4Glarus AG - was formed and a young Management became in charge

April: SN Energie AG acquires 25% of Kraftwerke Linthal AG


The general assembly elected Richard R. Dubs as Group CEO and Hans-Peter Keller as chairman of the board of directors

August: SN Energie AG increases its shareholding in Kraftwerke Linthal AG to 50%